Traits :3




traits that are easy to come across, you do not need any items for these and can use as much as you want!


things you will still see around quite often, though not as frequently as common! you will need orange candies to add these


traits that you might see every once in a while, you will need purple candies to add these


traits that are very hard to come across. you will need black candies for these, which can be obtained in events and giveaways




traits which exclusively add onto another trait, needs another trait in the category


traits able to be stacked with another trait in the same category


traits are not able to be stacked with other traits of the same category

package deal

trait unlocks the free usage of similar traits, usually due to it being a high rarity



any type of bag, including but not limited to paper bags, plastic bags, etc


any type of bucket, typically some sort of halloween bucket but not exclusively. usually has a handle or two attached to it


a pillowcase that typically falls behind a canditera's head. can have any patterns and textures


woven baskets such as those used for easter egg hunts, for example

secure headwear

an add-on to another type of headwear, which is secured at the bottom in some way. maybe through being tied or some sort of lid!

other headwear

other types of headwear that do not fall under any other category


yeah its just a trashcan on their head...

organic headwear

head is made of an organic casing that can be found in nature, such as an egg shell or carved pumpkin.


drawn-on face

face is, well, drawn on. this can be with pencil, pen, marker, whatever!

printed/molded face

also known as built-in-face, the face is either printed on or is apart of the headwear, eg grooved indents on pumpkin buckets or a carved pumpkin

label face

the "face" is made out of a label of sorts, usually only consisting of words

stitched face

face has been stitched on with material such as yarn, string, etc. this may also include things such as buttons

blank face

the canditera has no facial features whatsoever!

collage face

face is a collage of various different photos, images, drawings, etc!


bat ears

ears are bat-shaped, often big and pointy but can resemble the ears of any bat!

folded ears

one or more of the ears are folded over, like a scottish fold for example!

treat ears

ears are made of whatever the canditera's treat is!

long ears

ears are distinctly longer than usual, like a bunny!

no ears

the canditera has no ears, not needed if only one is missing

cone ears

ears are made of cones such as ice-cream cones or cotton candy cones. Usually matches their treat, but not required!

costume ears

ears are apart of a costume in some way, like a cat-ear headband or clip on ears

material ears

ears are made out of various materials such as ribbons or scraps of fabric


claw hands

woah!! floating spiky claw hands!!!

paw hands

rounder hands resembling more paw-shaped limbs :3

grabby hands

the digits of your canditera's hands are more clearly finger-like

extra hands

anything more than the typical two arms!

non-treat hands

hands are made of non-edible material such as fur or scales!


round wings

wings are generally rounder in shape!

sharp wings

wings are generally pointier in shape!

treat wings

wings are made entirely of the canditera's treat!

feathered wings

wings more closely resemble that of avian wings rather than bat wings


your canditera has multiple sets of wings!

bug wings

wings more closely resemble that of bug wings. These do not need multi-wings or treat wings even if they fit their descriptions ^_^

fin wings

wings more closely resemble that of an aquatic animal's fins, such as a fish or manta ray


short/no tail

tail is either not present or not visible from the front, also known as "shy tail"!

long tail

tail is any shape and usually visible from the front, can be any length otherwise!

tufted tail

tail has a tuft at the end, like a lion or jerboa. made of fur or treat!

ghost tail

tail is long and wispy and may also replace legs!

curled tail

tail is curly, like a pig or squirrel!

treat tail

tail is made up ENTIRELY of the canditera's treat!

mechanical tail

tail is robotic or mechanical in some way, being made up of gears or robotic parts for example

reptile tail

tail resembles that of a reptile, being scaly or ridged for example

candybone tail

tail is entirely made of candy and resembles bone! individual pieces can float or be connected together

floating tail

tail floats off of the body (not required for candybone)

mouth/living tail

CHOMP!!! tail has a mouth at the end or is otherwise sentient/living in some way.


your canditera has multiple tails!

rattle tail

*rattle rattle* tail has a rattle at the end, similar to a rattlesnake! this does not require the reptile tail trait

aquatic tail

splish splash! tail resembles that of any aquatic animal, such as a fish or whale



the standard trick-or-treat stuff! can be just about any candy you can think of, including specific brands to generic candies


*fills a bowl with whipped cream and eats it with a spoon* (exclusively toppings, such as frosting or sprinkles!)

savory treat

your canditera prefers savory or salty foods over sweets! ...would they be called saltitera instead...?

mixed candy

your canditera has a diverse palette! it has multiple distinctly separate treats, which can be of the same or different treat trait!

frozen treat

anything that would melt easily such as popsicles or ice-cream, can either be miraculously intact or melty!

baked goods

cookies, cakes, muffins, etc! your canditera would smell a pie and be lifted off its feet and float towards it


your canditera is playing fortnite and drinking cola!!! YIPPEE!!!! it can be any type of beverage! juice, tea, soft drinks, etc!

unwanted snacks

the kinda stuff anyone would be disappointed to get in their trick-or treat bucket... but not this canditera! veggies, pretzels, etc!


treat parts

your canditera has parts of its body (such as a tuft around its neck) made up of its treat! this isnt needed with other treat traits


can be any type of antennae! bug, electronic... what other things have antennae?


your canditera has spikes somewhere on its body! yeowch! this isn't needed for traits such as horns or reptile tail


spider and/or cobwebbage somewhere... or everywhere on the body!! has it been standing still for a while...?


your canditera has wrappers on its body. the wrappers don't need to match their treat, but they certainly can!


your canditera has horns on its head! this can be any amount, but must be somewhere on the head!


your canditera has a halo on its head! it can either be floating or attached to the head costume-style

plant growth

your canditera has plants growing on its body! these typically aren't edible unless they grow the ingredients for the canditera's treat!

synthetic parts

oh my gosh! is that an inflatable skeleton on your back?!


don't blow them out!!! or atleast make a wish! can be any type of candle including plastic/fake ones :)


aww, a little friend!!! can be (up to) alotta little guys or one big guy, or anywhere in between!


oOOOOOoooo... ghost!!! you can see right through this canditera!


little flares surrounding the little bat!! oh my!! not needed for the candles trait unless theyre floating

rock/gem growth

don't try to take a bite out of these growths!! this isn't rock candy, its the real deal!

jack-o-lantern body

neat!! your canditera's torso is a jack-o-lantern! can be decorated, lit, or carved however you'd like!

aquatic parts

splish splash!! your canditera has aquatic parts somewhere on its body. also unlocks other aquatic traits!